The Moron Test

You know you're not a moron. So it should be an easy matter to get through something called The Moron Test, shouldn't it? That's one of the things that make this maddening, addictive game one of the most popular apps in the mobile universe: the implied challenge to anyone with a shred of self-respect.

The Moron Test

Simple Questions

The questions are simple, deceptively so. They’re so simple, you might not pay that much attention to them–and there’s where you get into trouble. The key to acing The Moron Test is to read the questions carefully, and follow the directions precisely. If you don’t, expect to hear an embarrassing buzzer and to be thrown back to a section start or a checkpoint, again and again and again.

The Test currently has four sections: Old School, Late Registration, Winter Break, and Food Fight. There are more than 100 steps in each section. Players who successfully answer the questions and follow the directions by touching, twisting, and shaking their phone work their way up through seven levels of intelligence, from Moron to Genius.

Unforgettable Characters and Sounds

As they work their way through the sections, players get to know a host of friendly, entertaining characters with amusing personalities: ducks, giraffes, monkeys, penguins (in Winter Break, of course), turtles, and more. They’re fun to watch and fun to listen to as well. Ducks quack, frogs croak, giraffes snort and whinny, eggs crack, and turtles hide in their shells and scream.

The Moron Test

Checkpoints that are encouraging, sort of

In the background throughout the test is a whimsical little tune, the kind you can’t get out of your head once you hear it. Generally speaking, you’ll want to pay attention to the soundtrack. The developers have made a point of inserting secret sounds to enhance your playing experience–and perhaps to distract you from those instructions you’re supposed to be following so closely.

Share the Experience

The Moron Test comes with a quick connection to Facebook, and an easy link to enable connection to Feint, the social gaming network. With a free Feint account, your scores will be posted and you can compare notes with other players, earn rewards, and discover new games.

Once you’re through the game, you have a chance for some real fun. Put it in the hands of your friends, coworkers, and family members, and watch them try to get through it.